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Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Polymer Pigments Overview


Cholesteryl Esters are widely used in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal. 

The term "liquid crystals" is used to describe materials that exhibit the properties of both (crystalline) solids and (isotropic) liquids. Although there are many different types of liquid crystals. Choe Guangzhou is a leader in commercial manufacturing of Cholesterol Esters for the formulation of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal (CLC) mixtures. These thermotropic liquid crystal mixtures exhibit unique features that have generated significant interest in their usage in personal care products, Liquid Crystal Display, Dyes and Effect Colors and temperature measurement. 


Cholesteric Liquid Crystal mixtures are viscous hydrophobic liquids. The most obvious and striking feature of the Cholesteric Liquid Crystal mixtures is their opalescent and iridescent appearance that is attributed to their ability to selectively reflect visible light. The wavelengths or colors of the reflected light are determined by the spacing between the layers of molecules within the liquid crystalline structure. Downstream manufacturer can control this molecular spacing to offer an array of liquid crystal mixtures reflecting different wavelengths of light, such as red, green, and blue as well as numerous customized combinations to meet the specific needs of the cosmetic, dyes, effect color formulators and temperature measurement (by changing colors). 

Due to the substantive and occlusive properties of the cholesterol liquid crystal ester mixtures, these CLC mixtures are also used in cosmetic and personal care products as vehicles to aid in the penetration and stabilization of active ingredients.

Typical formulations for Cholesteric Liquid Crystals normally contains the followings,
Cholesteryl Pripionate                              CAS 633-31-8
Cholesteryl Nonanoate                             CAS 1182-66-7
Cholseteryl Benzoate                                CAS 604-32-0
Cholesteryl Chloride                                 CAS 910-31-6
Cholesteryl Oleyl Carbonate                    CAS 17110-51-9
Cholesteryl Isostearyl Carbonate            CAS 127512-93-0
Cholesteryl 2,4-Dichlorobenzoate            CAS 32832-01-2
Cholesteryl Chloroformate                        CAS 7144-08-3

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